Skilling Pets

General information:
– There are 19 pets, one for every non-combat skill
– Virtual levels increase your chance (up to 120, 150 for Invention). 200m xp increases your chances even more
– Pets will be unlocked via an item
– The item will be put into your inventory, and if you don’t have a space, it will be put into your bank, and if your bank is full, it will be put in your inventory the next time you have a space
– Gathering skills will all have *roughly* the same rate across most methods within that skill
– Dungeoneering, Slayer and Farming, as well as production skills’ pets will be more common with higher XP drops
– The Dungeoneering pet is awarded at the end of the floor
– Base XP is the xp drop taken into consideration
– Agility courses have differing rates, but all should equate to the same chance of the pet per hour
– Firemaking has a greater chance if it takes a more time to add(??) logs, but the speed of faster methods should make up for having a worse chance.
– Pets will be given via strange rock methods as well as a couple more (e.g: Broad arrows)
– The fishing spot at the Beach does work for ‘Bubbles’, no other spot works for their respective pet. It’s fine/won’t be changed.
– The Arc should work for pets
– The chance for the pet per singular xp is consistent. So doing something that gives a 1k xp drop will be 2x more likely to give a pet than something that gives a 500 xp drop.
– Fletching ascension bolts does not currently give a chance at the pet.

I’m probably missing some things but I hope I got the basics.

Methods to get the pets

Mining – Corrupt ore
Agility – Seren posts daily/ur fav course
Smithing – Rune bars
Herblore – overloads/supreme overloads
Fishing – Waterfall fishing
Thieving – Elf City (most afk)
Cooking – Rocktails
Crafting – Black D’hide
Firemaking – Maple Logs
Fletching – Broad Arrows
Woodcutting – Magic Tree
Runecrafting – rc bloods
Slayer – Slayer tasks
Farming – Tree runs
Construction – Flotsam prawnbroker
Hunter – Charm Sprites
Dungeoneering – 5:5 larges
Divination – Incandescent
Invention – Siphoning

BTS video:

Lost penguin



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