Get ready for telos

I’ve been studying the information given to use about the telos boss to find out as much information as i can. Read on to discover what i have.

  • Will have 1,000,000 Hitpoints, unsure if its per stage or carries through fight though.
  • There are 1-2 stages with minions of different type, like arraxor’s
    Uses a beam attack like Gorvek’s fire on a stage
  • Seems to say the attack he’s using
  • Has an attack where he says “Hold still, intruder” and hits for a high amount after a few seconds. This attack stuns
  • Has an attack where he jumps up, and slams you
  • Has a healing mode like arraxor, where he kneels
  • Magic attack comes from his head, melee is large arm, rage is tenticle things.
  • Has an adrenaline bar, possibly linked to when he throws you to the next platform??
  • Has an attack where he leans forward, with his large arm back, charging up an attack before running at you.
  • Boss pet has 2 tenticle arms whereas Telos has 1
  • Telos will be harder than 300% enraged arraxor
The drops/weapons:
There are four level 92 two handed weapons and a new ability, each has a special attack. The Godsword does not have an aoe like scythe.
2056 damage, 2577 accuarcy
Special attacks:
Sliske Staff = Summon a wight familiar, separate from other familiars (like steel titan)
Seren Bow = Crystal rain AoE, inferior range to nox bow but not a shieldbow
Zaros Godsword = Melee Sunshine, not halberd range
Zamorak ability = “Reprisal” ability from a codex, seems similar to Transfigure.
Get stunned for 6 seconds and reflect any damage taken back to attacker.
The ability will have diminishing returns in PvP
God wars 2
A key similar to frozen key you build with pieces from gwd 2 boss drops.
Practise Vorago and arraxor.
Its a solo boss only.
You’l need t90 armour and weapons ideally.
Anything to add? stick it in the comments.

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